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Rental statistics of a double room in Budapest district 8 - 2015 first half

By bencel
February 28th at 12:40am

The graph above shows the number of nights that a double room in the 8th district of Budapest has been rented out. Clearly the peak season is represented by August, and the lowest rental period is somewhere in the winter months. The interesting thing is that the room is located in the 8th district of Budapest, which has the worst reputation among all the areas of the city. However short term tourist who prefer price over location still tend to choose this option. The average nightly rental price is 20$, in other words the peak months can have incomes over 5-600$ which are even higher than renting out a whole apartment in this area. On the other hand, the area, however not considered as a very central location, most of the places of interest can be reached in a couple of minutes on foot. Furthermore the 8th district is going through a massive development, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls appearing on a daily basis. The security of the area has been increased a lot in the recent years, there has been many CCTVs installed and police units patrol the streets almost 24h. If you are interested in investing in the developing Budapest-district 8th, check out our plots listings by clicking the top right of the site! Building a hotel in this area cannot be a mistake. There has been a few already opened, don't be the last! Are you still hesitating? List your room on for free and start earning money now. No registration fees!
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