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Average nightly rental price of a three bedroom central location apartment in Budapest

By bencel
February 28th at 12:21am

The following statistics shows how the average rental price per night in Euro has changed over the period from 2014 May to 2015 August. The price is stated in Euro on the y-axis and the respective month are on the x-axis. The analysis has been carried out in September 2015 and the date is from private source.

The model property is a three bedroom fully renovated large apartment in the 5th district of Budapest. The average occupancy was 8 people. We can see that the minimum for one can rent out such a place is nearly 100 Euro. If we consider the monthly costs of this apartment this quite a fair deal. You can have a look at the other statistics, showing the average monthly nights rented out. Doing a quick calculation, a flat like this can easily generate over 2000 month revenue per month, even in the least busy periods of the year. If you are interested in more details, don't hesitate to contact us through the website.
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