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Traveling from Hungary to other European countries

By bencel
October 4th at 6:15am

You do not necessarily have to take an airplane to leave Hungary if you are planing to go to the neighboring countries. The public transportation is above the world average, and can be taken without any precaution. This is really convenient for backpackers and single travelers. International student cards are also widely accepted. Other discounts such as retirement discounts can be applied.
In general you have at least two options to choose from, namely bus and train. However if you are targeting a place which is located on the bank of Danube, or it is close to the river, you are able to take a sightseeing or a hydro-plan boat. I recommend everybody to take the best option that his or her budget can allow, since traveling for long ours on a public bus without air-condition might be very tiring.

Traveling to western Europe (Viena – Austria, Prague – Checz Republic - Prague)

I would consider taking the train to Vienna if you are looking for comfort. These trains leave from the East Bound Train Station ( Keleti Pályaudvar ). You can get here by using the subway line 2 ( red ) and get off at the station that has the same name as the train station. The building itself is quite old, the constructions has started in 1881, so the atmosphere really similar to an old time movie's. In 2015 September you could buy a single ticket to Vienna for 13 Euro and a return for 29 Euro.

Heading to Southern Europe ( Sarajevo – Bosnia Herczegovina )

Southern European cities and countries indeed have a marvelous atmosphere. You can hardly feel cold here, not only because the weather is good, but the people are very friendly here. In addition you can find great, tasty food and good wines. Plus you don't need to be a CEO to afford such trip, since the prices are almost the lowest here. Trains from the Souther Train station leave every morning to Sarajevo at 9:56 and they arrive there at 21:16. A single ticket is not even 60 Euro.

Northern European directions (Poland – Krakow)

Northern European countries such as Poland has been in very good relations with Hungary for many years. The culture and the food is similar to that in Hungary, but still one can experience a bit a of a different atmosphere. The trains leave from the East Bound Train Station ( Keleti Pályaudvar ). Departing at 20:05 to Krakow, arriving there at the next morning. Such a ride cost about 40 Euro in a sleeping car.

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