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General information on Hungary Hot Springs

By bencel
October 2nd at 3:43am

Hungary or strictly speaking Budapest is world-wide famous for it's spas. Not only today, but this tradition dates back to the Roman times. Budapest is also known as the "Spa Capital" because it is the only capital city in the world with hot springs inside the city boundaries. One can choose from historic turkish and roman to medical and party spas. The country itself is above one of the richest geothermal and medicinal water resources in the world. These spas offer steam chambers, saunas, massages, pedicure, cellulite treatment, SPA detoxification and aquafitness activities. Please note that wearing a swimming cap is obligatory in the swimming pools of our baths. In the majority of our baths they can be also rented at the rental points.
SInce water on high temperature can hold more dissolved solids than on low, hot springs often have very high mineral content, containing everything from simple sodium to lithium, and even radium. Because of both the folklore and the claimed medical value some of these springs have, they are often popular tourist destinations, and locations for rehabilitation clinics for those with disabilities. Budapest spas have water with calcium, magnesium, hydro-carbonate, also containing sodium and sulphate, with a significant content in fluoride and metaboric acid. All in all Hyppocrates, the classic philosopher and physician of the Hellenistic age, and a prophet of natural healing methods, said: "...water is still, after all, the best."

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