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Foods that you definitely have to try if you are in Hungary - Cuisine Guide

By bencel
October 1st at 2:59pm

Food. It is something we talk about everyday, since the time we are able to speak. Traveling abroad naturally means that you try the local cuisine. In the case that you come to Hungary you would have a wide variety of dishes that you cannot miss. I will try to give you some introduction about the Hungarian cuisine, however I am afraid it will not cover everything. And even if you are not a foodie type, you can also enjoy international foods while staying in Hungary, in other words, you can always fallback to what you are used to.
Basically one can find any kind of dish, that he or she likes, since they are mostly based on bread, pasta, cheese, meat, vegetables and fruits. In addition there are some vegetarian restaurants in Budapest, so if you don’t eat meat you might also find a place for yourself to dine. On the other hand, Hungarian cuisine is unique in a sense that it doesn’t really resemble the ones in western Europe nor the Asian countries’. It is probably due to the country’s position in middle Europe.

Chicken - Pork - Beef and various stews

The Hungarian stew ( pörkölt in Hungarian or Eintopf in German ). The proper stew has red color thank to the paprika inside, contains no potato and should not be confused with Goulash, which is a soup. The taste and the receipt differs a bit by the meat used to cook. The base of this dish is oil roasted onions. It is mainly eaten together with side dishes, such as pasta, bread, big pasta grains and various salads. Should be noted that it is a popular food all around central Europe.

Sour stuffed cabbage with sour cream on the top

Stuffed cabbage is also considered as a very famous traditional food in Hungary and Transylvania, however the name might be different by regions. At christmas time almost all the households prepare this dish in large quantity, since it can be stored for longer time, without losing it’s quality. Mainly it consists of sour cabbage, pepper, rice, grinned meat and eggs. The ingredients are wrapped in the large sour cabbage leaves and cooked for a couple of hours until they get soft enough to eat.

Fisherman’s soup - for the ones who love carp

If you are about to eat a special continental soup, this choice cannot be a mistake. The base of it is oil baked onions and paprika, hence the red color. It is made of carp and only carp, no other fish. The receipt, the way of cooking and the ingredients might differ a bit by regions.

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