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Dental treatment in Hungary - Reasonable dental clinics in Budapest

By bencel
October 1st at 3:41pm

The number of people arriving to Hungary to have a dental treatment is increasing year by year. It is mainly because of the low service costs and high quality service. It is well known that such a treatment in Western Europe or overseas can cost several thousands of euros, whereas in Hungary you can have it for a couple of hundred. Private clinics provide world wide accepted and acknowledged service level, personalized treatment packages and well controlled hygiene. In addition it you have to have a treatment that lasts for longer time and need to stay at Budapest, it won't cost you to much either. I try to give you some introduction of the clinics and the points you need to notice when organizing such a tour.
Such a journey starts with organizing your flight to Budapest, which is inexpensive if you use low cost airlines such as Wizzair or Ryanair. Afterwards you can basically rely on us, since we can sort out the airport transfer for you. In general the patients need to take a basic check up prior to the consultation and the treatment. This can be carried out using English. Finding an English speaking private dentist in Budapest is not a difficult task, since to graduate a medical university almost fluent level of English is required. As such you don't have to worry about the language barrier.

How much money do I need and how reliable it is?

Actually staying in the city itself cannot cost more than 6-70 euros per day including accommodation if you don't have high requirements. The general consultation is usually for free. I don't want to state actual prices here as they change over time. Basically you save up to 6-70% of the treatment price you would pay at home in England for example. Most of the dentists are registered in the Hungarian Chamber of Dentist which have European standards and credentials.

What kind of treatments are there and things to note

Private dental clinics offer treatments such as CT Scan, Artificial Bone Replacement, Porcelain Crown or 10 year BioCare implants. I advise not to come on public holidays, since the clinics are usually not open. However some of the places accept euros, I highly recommend using our own currency when paying, since the exchange rate is very low in such situations. The payment is often done on a stage basis, namely that you need to pay when a stage is done.

Our service

If you got interested, and have some concerns or question, don't hesitate to write me an email on and I help you to find the best solution and answer you. Usually we are able to organize the whole pack including airport transfers, accommodation, sightseeing tours and other interesting activities. You can also check out my other articles and read a bit about Hungary. Since such a journey should not only be about pain, but there are various events and places to go to, such as hot springs, wine tasting and so on.

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