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Cserepes MilkDrink Bar 4 locations in Budapest, since bar is not only a place to drink alcohol!

By bencel
October 5th at 9:57am

Milk and diary product industry in Hungary is not negligible. However a couple of years ago people could only enjoy diary products at home, after buying milk, yoghurt or pastry in the local bakery or supermarket. MilkDrink Bars before 2012 have existed, however after the 1900 years they have somewhat disappeared and drinking milk in common as a tradition came to an end. This kind of habit seems to live again and after István Cserepes has open his first MilkDrink Bar in 2012 locals and tourists both enjoy the customs again. As such, this is not necessarily a brand new idea, but something that originates in the past and for various reasons disappeared, but not because the concept itself was bad. The common sense dictates that a bar is a place to drink alcohol, or coffee but whoever visits such place and has a fresh cup a milk or fruit mix, realizes that the definition might need to change a bit.
István Cserepes and his group opening the first bar had an intention of expanding the Hungarian meal varieties, adding new diary products and pastries. In the same time they insist on baking their products by themselves, without adding any preservatives or artificial ingredients. For example the Kakaós Csiga ( Cocoa Snail ), a really famous Hungarian pastry, is only made of flour dough, sugar and cocoa. These days they have already added cheese products as well to the menu, which was a again a great success.

Menu and prices:

The menu is more simple then one would expect. You can find most of the representative Hungarian pastries such as Túrós Táska ( Curdy Bag ), Kakaós Csiga ( Cocoa Snail ), Rongyos Kifli ( Rug Twist ), Pogácsa ( Scone ), Lekváros Bukta ( pastry filled with jam ). In addition you can order sandwiches, salads and cookies. Regarding the drinks, you can have milk, cocoa milk, coffee, lemonade, tea. All these foods and drinks, somehow reminds you a bit of the all days. The classic menu cost about 460 HUF ( 1.5 Eu. ) and if you are about to eat a hot sandwich with hot tea, it is 820 HUF ( 2.7 Eu. )

Quality and philosophy:

The Cserepes philosophy is based on health lifestyle and natural ingredients, as such they do not add any additional flavoring agent to their products. In one word they prefer simple tastes. They keep adding new elements to their portfolio, but always keeping these standards. In 2013 they have received the Superbrand qualification, this does not only mean safe products, but some kind of guarantee for the customers. As a result, their shops are enjoyed by hundreds a people every day, including very young ones to older generations.

Where can I find DrinkBars and when are they open?

Currently, as of 2015 September, there are four locations in Budapest, where you can find Cserepes Milk Bar. The most central locations are: 1052. Budapest, Sütő utca 2. Open: Mon.-Fri.: 7.30am-10:00pm, Saturday: 9:00am-8:00pm, Sunday: 9:00am-6:00pm. and Budapest, Corvin köz, Open: Mon.-Fri.: 7.30am-10:00pm, Saturday: 9:00am-8:00pm, Sunday: 9:00am-6:00pm.
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