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Cave tours in the Budapest area - an experience that makes your stay more memorable

By bencel
October 3rd at 5:30pm

If you have more time than an average tourist does when coming to Budapest I highly recommend you to go and check out the cave tours. We have several caves around the city mostly on the Buda side and they offer a fantastic and relaxing experience when walking inside. I will try to cover the main caves in the Budapest area in this article however this is not A complete list.
Most of the cave tours are organized by experienced personnel and Hungarian people since junior high school are going on these trips together with their classmates. As such you do not really need any prior experience or skills and all of the equipment such as protective helmet, lights, clothes are provided before the trip and a detailed guidance is also given to the ones who would like to go through the cave. Although the air is a bit different then outside and also it can get a little bit cold, so you need to be a beat prepared while going in. In addition these caves have more have pavements but sometimes you have to crawl a bit.


This cave on the Buda side of the city has at least 3 km length, however there's only 500 m open for the public. I recommend this destination for the ones who would like to move a little bit, have some refreshment and also some fresh air however you need to wear warm clothes as the temperature to get can get below 10°C inside. Kids from six years old usually go to this cave so you don't really need to be experienced to go all the way around but and of course days guided tours are given. We can help you to organize these, just let us know if you're interested. These cave is open from 10 AM until 4 o'clock in the morning.

Szemlő-hegyi barlang

This gave is actually a two cave system but it is a little bit shorter than the previous one. The path that is open for public is around 250 m long. It is really popular among hungarian families, they usually take their kids to go there for a trip and are mostly visited in the summer. It is open on weekdays except Tuesday from 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon.

Purchasing tickets and organizing the tours

If you got interested in any of the caves above please don't hesitate to contact us and we will try to organize you the best that will suit you. We can also help you to get a car and take you to the place with you until you go through the path and then take you back to the city center. Don't hesitate to write us an email or get in touch with us on the following numbers and email addresses. +819082308302, . A regular tour costs about €20 and it includes all of the equipment that you need for it.

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